17 Apr 2014 
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Latest Download Files Date Added
Promote Control Firmware Version 3.0 03 Feb 2014 01:31 PM
Promote Control Firmware Version 2.94 beta 10 Dec 2013 05:22 PM
Promote Control Firmware Version 2.91 beta 03 Oct 2013 06:05 PM
Promote Control Firmware Version 2.87 beta 26 Aug 2013 02:17 PM
Latest Knowledgebase Articles Date Added
 Bulb Ramping with v2.47b and higher
03 Apr 2012 07:25 PM
 Australia Post and USPS EMS
25 Jul 2011 06:09 PM
 Using Focus Stacking with Promote Control
22 Jul 2011 11:45 AM
 Troubleshooting HDR - not all frames are taken
08 Jun 2010 01:27 PM
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