18 Aug 2017 
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 Promote Control Firmware Version 2.47 beta
Description Promote Control firmware update version 2.47 beta adds the following features:

+ Basic and Advanced Bulb Ramping mode with optional ISO ramping and ND filters. Instructional video is coming soon.

+ Holding Power button in active sequence pauses the sequence. If Start button is pressed, the sequence will be resumed, any other button will cancel the sequence.

This version also fixes the following issues:

* Canon 5D Mark III was unable to properly handle exposures longer than 30 second in HDR mode.

This version may reset Promote Control settings to their defaults. Please make sure to go through your Promote Control Setup settings after the update. Most importantly, enable "Use shutter cable" if appropriate, and if you use Bulb Ramping or Bulb HDR, recalibrate "Shutter close lag" (an optional PCT-BRAMP-ASSIST cable is required). Note that the camera must be in Bulb mode for calibration to work correctly.

NOTE: Before using this release, please read our beta software policy:


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