18 Aug 2017 
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 Promote Control Firmware Version 3.29
Description IMPORTANT: a Firmware Updater application is also required to perform the update:

Windows: https://support.promotesystems.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=4&nav=0,4,6

MacOS: https://support.promotesystems.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=10&nav=0,4,6

Promote Control firmware update version 3.29 adds the following functionality:

+ Added compatibility with Pentax K-1 camera (requires K-1 firmware 1.30 or higher)


- Compatible modes: One Shot, Time-Lapse with or without in camera Pixel Shift, Bracketing, HDR, HDR with or without shutter cable, Bulb-HDR, Bulb-Ramping (simple and advanced).

- In-camera shutter speed, aperture and ISO steps must be set to 1/3 EV steps

- Make sure to configure your K-1 camera to use PTP mode for USB instead of Mass Storage (MSC).

- Both Mirror Lock-Up and Long Exposure Noise Reduction functions are compatible with the Promote Control. MLU requires a shutter cable.

- Video start/stop is possible by using shutter cable as a simple remote while K-1 is in Live View. Promote Control's built-in video mode is not compatible.

- Shutter close delay calibrates to 60ms. Accordingly, shortest exposure in Bulb modes is 1/13 with Normal safety margin, 1/15 with minimal safety margin.

- Bulb Ramping can be done by connecting bulb assist cable to PC sync (left side of camera’s mirror box) or via Promote Systems hot-shoe adapter

- A long Advanced Bulb Ramping (ABR) may be impractical since camera has to rely on its buffer while a USB session is active. Regular Bulb Ramping is possible without USB (with all corresponding limitations). Reducing JPEG size and using longer intervals may help with ABR.

- Live View is automatically detected and worked around in terms of proper shot timing. Note that Live View cannot take multiple images without moving the mirror each time

- Unless in active sequence with Promote, K-1 will eventually time out and power down. Promote will then be unable to connect to it until shutter button is half pressed to wake the camera up. Change "Auto power down" timeout in camera to mitigate.

- For pure Time-Lapse using the shutter cable only instead of USB is recommended (as with other cameras).

- Exposure delay timings have been carefully tested, but if any HDR or TL shots are missing or have wrong shutter speed, consider increasing USB or shutter speed frame delay as appropriate.

- Pixel Shift is compatible when a shutter cable alone is used. In the current K-1 firmware every Pixel Shift frame lingers in RAM, blocking any further image acquisition until USB session is ended (which is when it is written to the card). PCTRL firmware will show an error message to disable Pixel Shift, if found to be enabled AND a USB cable is present.

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