18 Aug 2017 
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 Bulb Ramping (updated)
 This article refers to Promote Control firmware v2.47b. It is intended to serve as an interim reference manual until an instructional
 Using Focus Stacking with Promote Control
  NOTE These videos are annotated below. If you would like to have a written reference, please read the text supplied in this article.
 Troubleshooting HDR - not all frames are taken
  When doing HDRs with Promote Control, you may find that only the first few frames are being taken, and then Promote Control may show an error, or silently complete the sequence a few frames short. This happens because some cameras, especially entry leve
 Troubleshooting Firmware Updates
  If you have an issue updating Promote Control firmware, the following checklist will help ensure everything is set up correctly: 1. Make sure your Promote Control screen is blank after you connect it to your computer, holding Mode button dow
 Canon 5D Mk II and Live View/MLU - one Mirror Up per sequence
  When shooting HDRs with Promote Control and Canon 5D Mk II, it is possible to raise the mirror only once, and take all the pictures without lowering/raising the mirror. Here is how to do that:1. Make sure you have the latest firmware install
 Promote Control Firmware Update How-To
  Please watch the video tutorial below on how to update your Promote Control firmware:
 Extra images taken in HDR mode
  If you are using a shutter cable with a continuous drive mode, your camera may take more images than the Promote Control HDR settings suggest. With some cameras you may also get "Error Setting Exposure time" message from the Promote Control. F
 Canon 5D Mk II and shutter cable speed issues
 Canon 5D Mk II often cannot go much above 1-1.5 FPS (as tested with RAW, no JPEG, no NR, Sandisk Extreme III) even with Promote Control shutter cable enabled. Canon 5D Mk II was found to be slower than other cameras (including lower level Canons) when i
 Using autofocus with HDRs
  One of the most oftenly asked questions is whether camera auto-focus can be used with Promote Control in HDR mode. We recommend to have your camera AF turned off when using the Promote Control in HDR mode. If automatic focus is turned on, most cameras t
 Dealing with "Exposure time could not be set" error
  Promote Control always attempts to complete its task in the fastest possible manner, making sure that all HDR frames are captured with the shortest possible delay. Some in-camera settings may interfere with this fast pace and prevent the HDR sequence fr
 Activating Promote Control wirelessly
 A Promote Control sequence can be activated wirelessly - be it HDR, Time-Lapse, or anything else. It would be the same as pressing the "Start" button on the Promote Control itself - but you don't have to stand next to it in order to do that. A limited num
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