18 Aug 2017 
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 Promote Control Firmware Update How-To
Article Please watch the video tutorial below on how to update your Promote Control firmware:

Please visit the following webpage to download Promote Control firmware update application (32/64 bit compatible):



Note that firmware files need to be downloaded separately. You can find a list of available firmware updates by clicking the following link:

Promote Control Firmware Updates

IMPORTANT: please ensure the following is true before you update the Promote Control firmware. Failing to follow these rules may lead to a malfunctioning Promote Control.

1. Install the Firmware Update application before connecting Promote Control. Ensure the installation finished successfully before proceeding.

2. Turn your Promote Control off.

3. Make sure you have a freshly charged set of batteries in the Promote Control before starting firmware update.

4. Connect the white USB cable to your Promote Control.

5. With your Promote Control unit off, hold "Mode" button down and connect the other end of USB cable to the computer. Do not use a USB hub or a docking station. Use rear USB ports if available.

6. Allow the firmware update to finish before disconnecting Promote Control.

If you experience a difficulty updating your Promote Control, please read Troubleshooting Firmware Updates article.

If the firmware update fails, the Promote Control may become inoperable. In such case refer to the "Troubleshooting" section of the Promote Control User Manual for instructions on how to recover from a failed firmware update. You can download Promote Control User Manual from the "Downloads" section of this website.

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