18 Aug 2017 
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 Canon 5D Mk II and Live View/MLU - one Mirror Up per sequence
Article When shooting HDRs with Promote Control and Canon 5D Mk II, it is possible to raise the mirror only once, and take all the pictures without lowering/raising the mirror. Here is how to do that:

1. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed in both Promote Control and your camera.

2. Make sure that M-Up option is OFF on both Promote Control and the camera.

3. Disable the shutter cable in Promote Control (Setup menu setting #2), and disconnect the shutter cable from both Promote Control and the camera.

4. Connect Promote Control to the camera using USB cable only.

5. Set Live View mode in the camera to "Stills only". Failure to set this option will lead to not being able to take any exposures longer than 1/30 seconds.

6. Enable Live View on the camera.

7. Use Promote Control as directed by the user manual.

8. If you need a faster HDR operation in Live View mode, try to reduce the value of the Setup setting #4 ("USB cable release frame delay") to a minimum of 500ms. Note that this value may need to be adjusted based on your in-camera image quality settings, the speed of your memory cards, and some other considerations. We recommend starting off with a default value of 1500ms.

The Live View cannot be reliably used together with shutter cable due to an issue with Canon tethering protocol. The most common issue in using Live View with shutter cable is missing exposures which can only be avoided by setting a very long inter-frame delay.

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